Following the Republican take over of Congress in November 1994, Northeastern University students saw a renewed effort on the part of key Republican leaders to balance the federal budget by cutting financial aid. The new cuts would involve reducing the interest the federal government would pay on student loans, and on President Clinton’s direct lending program.

On Monday, May 1, 1995, students hosted the Campus Alliance to Save Our Financial Aid rally to increase awareness about the impending cuts. They were once again bolstered by the attendance of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, along with Representative Joseph Kennedy, Jr. and former Governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis.

The rally assisted students with writing letters to congressional leaders, and MTV’s Rock the Vote campaign registered students to vote.  Senator Kennedy urged students to vote, saying: “Now today, we are asking you to march with us to save education from the most dramatic cut we have ever seen. I urge you to register to vote. That is the only way you’re going to be taken seriously” (Northeastern News, 5/3/1995, pg. 10).

NU News 4.19.95
Rally Attendants in Curry
Levine, Joshua D.
NU News 5.3.95